Put the adjusting power of Flexion-Distraction in the palm of your hand with the new VDP-PRO!

The VDP-PRO is an instrument like none other in healthcare — a revolutionary hand tool made of strong but light-weight die-cast aluminum, nylon and steel. You can quickly and easily accomplish many things patients need, depending on your goals. You can use it on the spine to reduce IVD herniations, replenish nutrients to the IVD’s or even relieve facet syndrome. You can also use it as an IASTM tool to simply and effectively stretch and release myofascial adhesions in just about any region of the body.  
Give your fingers a break and let the VDP-PRO do the work!


Facet Syndrome. 
Disc Compression, 

Anyone with a subluxation or related spinal condition who is a good candidate for adjusting with the flexion-distraction technique is a great candidate for using the VDP-PRO. This can include anyone who you believe would benefit from conservative care, including those dealing with the most common issues and sources of pain and dysfunction: myofascitis, disc compression, disc degeneration, disc herniation and facet syndrome.

Like nothing else, the VDP-PRO instruments incorporate the well-researched and effective flexion-distraction technique at all spinal levels. They eliminate the need for awkward, hard to master, and expensive tables and machines. The provider can easily apply a very specifically targeted spinal distraction force. It can often take less than a minute to apply and deliver significant relief.

With the VDP-PRO instruments in your hands, you can become the best provider in your town at relieving the most common yet challenging back and neck problems, and never have to worry about finding new patients to help. They will find you!

— Gregg Anderson D.C.

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